It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Playdough and Poop Cones – three minutes of Darcy and George

“I’m making dog poop.”

“You are?”

“Uh-huh. See?”

“Well, I’m making cookies.”

“You want to know how to make dog poop, Darcy?”

“Okay, George.”

“Well, you take your playdough like this, and you wole, wole, wole it, and then you fladden it out. You fladden it out like this. Then you wole it some more and make a pile, and that’s dog poop. Then you fladden it out again and make a cake. You make a cake like this, and it’s all nice and warm.” (Mmm…Warm dog poop cake.)

“Now we need to wash our hands.” (My heart warms: my training is paying off!)

“Yes! Wash, wash, wash, wash, wash.”

“When we’re doing making one cake, we can make some more dog poop, and then we can make another cake! My cake is made out of chocolate. Chocolate poop.”

“Now I need to make a surprise, George.” (What? Warm chocolate dog poop cake isn’t surprising enough for you?)

“Is it dog poop?”

“No, it’s a house.”

“With people in it?”

“No, it doesn’t have people in it. It just has pretend people in it.”

“And dog poop?” (Surprise!)

“No, ‘cuz they don’t gots a dog.”

“I will make them a dog.”

“But your dog can’t poop in the house, only in the yard.”

“I will make you a dog pooping on the ground outside, a dog pooping on the ground.”

“I’m making pine cones for the ground outside.”

“Hey, your pine cones look like dog poop!” George is delighted.

“Yes, but they’re pine cones.” Darcy is firm.

“Pine cones?” A little coaxing.

“Pine cones.” More firmness.

“That look like dog poop.”

“They’re poop cones.” Impish grin from Darcy.

“Poop cones?!?” Bawdy laughter from the both of them.

Yeah, and the poop cones will keep the bad guys away from my house. (I’ll just bet.)

And now we need to wash our hands again.

Yeah. Wash, wash, wash, wash, wash.

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