It’s Not All Mary Poppins

You Didn’t Want to Know This, Dads…

…but when your son’s caregiver, who has changed many, many baby boys and has some basis of comparison, catches sight, while changing a diaper or assisting on the toilet, of the smallest penis she’s ever seen on a small child, she does wonder about the paternal version…

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The Wall is Put to the Test

Mary is craving spring, and even though it’s a good five or six weeks till it arrives without further chance of snow here in Ottawa, some sponge stickers caught my optimistic – desperate? – eye on the weekend. Here the children bedeck their construction paper grass with pastel foam tulips and bright red ladybugs. Zach adds a few personal touches with a pen.

Storage for the artwork till mummies and daddies arrive has always been a problem, and then I found a great idea in a book, also on the weekend. Cool, huh? The clothes pegs are plastic, in various pastel shades.

And, of course, Zach had to try it out…
Seems it works like a charm!
I am delighted.
p.s. This post was written a week ago. A little more painting has occurred since then. One day I will post final pictures!

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