It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Barbie Rides the Skank Wagon

All right, folks. This is Mattel’s latest offering to our little girls: Bling Bling Barbie. Never mind the body image concerns so many have about Barbie, this latest incarnation goes way beyond that. I’m not going to list the many, many things that are wrong with this doll. I think it’s self-explanatory.

This toy is being marketed to 6 – 8 year olds, and the doll herself is supposed to be sixteen. SIXTEEN. I’m pleased and proud (and entirely unsurprised) to announce that my 20-year-old has never, ever dressed like this.

I want to start a letter-writing campaign. There is an online petition, but letters, by virtue of taking that little bit more effort, carry more weight.

Mattel’s address is:

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
310-252-2000 tel
310- 252-2180 fax

Strong protest pulled the “Math is Hard!” Barbie. We can get rid of Barbie the Skank, too.

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“I made a ‘D’!” George straightens his back and looks at his creation. Sure enough, a long and wobbling upper-case ‘D’ stretches across the page in front of him. Darcy looks up and nods approval before returning to his own page.

“I’m writing a sign that says for firemen to go to the fire.”

“You are? What letters are you writing?” George peers at Darcy’s page.


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She’s Not Blond

I was complaining of the ringing in my ear that sometimes happens.

“Why don’t you wear ear plugs?” suggested my friend.

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