It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Is this Weird, or is it Just Me?

I was checking out some blogs on the weekend, and stumbled across a few blogs from New Zealand. One little family decided to take a trip to Zion Wildlife Preserve for the day. A family trip to see big wild cats – what could be nicer on a warm, sunny day (which they’re having down there, this being the end of their summer)?

It’s very exciting! Look! You can take your child, and they can stick their hands through the bars and pet the nice kitty!

And look to the right of this shot. See that gap? When your child has petted the kitty, the kitty can stick his paw through and pet your baby!!

I know we’re risk-phobic in this neck of the world – it’s a trait that drives me nuts most days – and I can see that the dad in this shot has a firm grip on the child, but even for me, this is pretty wild…

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