It’s Not All Mary Poppins

My Professionalism Save the Life of Yet Another Child

The children are getting ready to go out. My small front hall is a seething, giggling, chattering mass of hats, mittens, snowpants, splashpants, coats, down vests, fleece jackets, snow boots, rain boots, neck warmers, scarves. Some of these items actually clad the appropriate body part; the rest seem to be simmering in the writhing, screeching air above and around the mayhem below. As the clothing gradually accumulates on the right child, that child is then to sit on the step to one side of the hall, and order slowly returns.

My working life, though, is a constant battle against the forces of entropy. Entropy which has snuck round behind me while I focussed on the chaos before. Taking advantage of the general bedlam, judging from the clods of dry mud and swaths of grit that carpet my living room floor, two or three little agents of entropy have managed to do a conga-line bunny hop in their crusty boots in the next room before sitting down. Gah!

All the children dressed, ready, and sat, I proceed with only slightly snarky attitude to sweep the floor.

Sam, that nine-year-old master of the verbal mis-step, watches me and comments,

“You’re kind of wasting our time, you know.”

Ah, youth, that halcyon morning of our lives when the world and all its doings revolves around our every whim. How fortunate that he has me to act his mentor, training, teaching, leading him to the afternoon of his life! I am so pleased – so very pleased – to help him take the next few stumbling steps of growth, to explain to him the error of his thinking. My smile, as I guide him gently into the paths of maturity, is more of a grimace than a caress, but I do refrain from snarling, and the boy lives still.

I am a good woman.

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