It’s Not All Mary Poppins


See that post a couple down? Delightful pictures of small children running delightedly through the park? Running in shirts and runners, no jackets or boots, through the sunny spring day?

Well, this morning it’s snowing.

Because that’s what we call spring in this city.

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Snippets 3 – Artistic Version

“I need a new paper, Mary.” George holds up a lightly-scribbled-upon sheet.

“Just turn it over, love, and draw on the other side.”

“No, there’s a word here, and it says ‘Don’t colour on this side’.”

“That words says ‘Cognos’, George. You can draw on it.”

“Here’s my picture, Mary!”

“Look at all the blue in it. It makes me think of water, or maybe the sky.”

“No, it’s not water or the sky. It’s an elephant.”

At least it’s not pink…

Kid 1: I’m drawin’ a airp’ane.

Kid 2: I’m drawin’ an airplane, too.

Kid 1: No, dat’s not a airp’ane.

Kid 2: Oh. What is I drawin’, then?

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