It’s Not All Mary Poppins

But what does it Do?

I read about a family that paid $900 US (US!! about 1,035 CDN) for a stroller.

I want to know: what does it do to be worth that kind of money? Does it have its own engine for that extra boost up those steep hills? Does it come complete with generator to run the bottle-warmer and baby-wipe heater? It’s an American gadget, so it will have a drink holder, of course. Does it make cappucinos to put into the holder?

I mean, really.

Now, being in the business, I own three strollers, the largest of which cost $960 US ($1100 CDN) when I bought it four years ago. My stroller, however, seats four. I have used it for four years; I fully expect to be using it at least another four, probably something over twice as long a stroller is used by a one-child family.

What, oh what, does a $900 single-baby stroller do to be worth that kind of money? What does it do that a $300 stroller doesn’t do? Or a $150 stroller? Or a $50 stroller? Or, for that matter, the $18 umbrella strollers I keep for the occasions when I want to take a baby on the bus?

Blows me away. Truly, it does.

April 24, 2006 Posted by | controversy, parenting, peer pressure, the dark side | 22 Comments