It’s Not All Mary Poppins

The Big Questions Begin

Between the ages of four and seven, children go through a phase where they are very much interested in “the big questions”. Life, death, and the afterlife are of consistent fascination.

If the family is part of a faith community, parents will be delighted at the child’s receptivity to the concepts of the faith.

George, who turned four earlier this year, is bang on schedule, the Big Question for the day being “How did the Earth begin?” This drawing is a story in two panels, had George the sophistication to draw panels! Both pictures are the same figure, you see. The figure on the left is a happy monster, Then…

But why don’t we let George tell it?

“This [figure on the left] is a monster, and the top of the monster fell off and turned into the earth. When he became the earth, he [referencing figure on the right] was sad, because he didn’t have any leg or neck.”

That’s the entire story, but you know, I think given the correct exegetical approach, it could yield riches! Don’t you just love the way their little minds work??

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