It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Mother’s Day Craftiness

An older group, a more complicated craft, ably assisted by Haley. First we melted the soap chunks in the microwave. NOT TOO HOT!! Oops. Bubbles throughout the first batch…

Then we carrrrrefulllly pour the melted soap into the molds. (“We” are four-year-old George of the steady hands.) Just a thin layer, then let it cool enough to form a thickish skin. Oops. A little on the cloth, but it will wash out!

Next we very carefully place the plastic butterfly stickers onto the first layer. Carefully. Carefully! CAREful– Oops.

Some of the butterflies rest gracefully on the layer. Others have plunged recklessly to the very bottom, and will no doubt protrude from the surface after the first use.

Here, Haley’s hands wrestle with those of young Zach, who is of the plunge-to-the-bottom school of butterfly placement.

The finished product! Not too bad, huh?

All set to go home.

Throughout this process, Haley and I made sure that the word “soap” never, ever crossed our lips. It was “a craft”. “Here’s let’s put a butterfly in your craft.” “Shall we take the craft out of the mold now?” “Oh, haven’t you made a lovely craft?” Smart George knows what’s in his pretty parcel, but he’s also too smart to tell by accident. The others have all gone home not having a clue just exactly what it was they just made. I know what I’m doing here.

Mommies come to the door and are given the wrapped package by a very proud child.

“Oh, did you make something for mommy?” the mommies beam at their wee ones, who each, without fail, said,

“Yes, I made you A CRAFT!”

Ha! I am so smart.

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