It’s Not All Mary Poppins

I’d Probably Make a Good Living as a Translator

…even without a second language.

Zach calls to me from the living room, as I am rinsing the lunch dishes. What with the two rooms between us, the noise of the water in the sink, and the chatter of the other children, and given that at two his diction isn’t all it could and will be, I hear something like this:

“Awiss…mrvigkdl…airp’ane… dkeibgymmble…dkeoppoel…yivvingwomb… mgirlbele…gone.”

To which I respond, “Did Alice take your airplane out of the livingroom?”


One word in ten is all you need, I’m telling you!

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Meet Timmy

I have a new little guy starting in the fall, and his mother and I are weaning him in by sending him for a couple of hours two days a week.

He’s a sweet little guy with big bright blue eyes and a beaming smile. I can’t show you any of that, but I CAN show you his other dominant feature:

Hey, everyone, meet Timmy, aka “Handles”.

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