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Why I Love My Job, Reason # 493

Today is a holiday here. (Victoria Day, aka “Firecracker Day” or “the May long weekend”, in honour of birthday of the stern and tubby queen by that name. Victoria. Her name was Victoria, not Firecracker or May.) So, no kids for me today (except the five stepkids, but I’m not in charge of THEM, haha!), but I can’t neglect my loyal readers in their masses (snort), so here’s something fun:

A recipe for a laugh-a-minute walk to the coffee shop on the corner?

Put the seventeen-month-old in the umbrella stroller. Put the two-year-olds on each side, holding on. (Being outriggers, I call it.) Let the three- and the four-year-old walk ahead.

Tell the “big kids” that they can “run ahead” to the next telephone pole, except that they have to “be a… butterfly!” Off they go, flapping. Touch the pole. Then “a fire truck!” Off they go, sirens a-wailing. Touch the pole. “A bee” – they buzz. They bounce, they giggle, they flap and wail and buzz. Oh, the cuteness!

On the way back, on the last two very quiet blocks, the two-year-olds join them, and then, because I have to ratchet up the cute factor to unbearable levels, I have them be midget monsters, and dainty dragons, and teeny tigers, and they ROAR their way from pole to pole, mighty talons extended at the end of dimpled wrists.

Oooooh, the cuteness!

May 22, 2006 Posted by | the cuteness! | 10 Comments