It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Today’s Snippet

D: I will be Jesus.
A: I will be da Mother!
G: I will be the Were-Rabbit!
A: He’s not in the Jesus book!
G: No, he’s in Wallace and Gromit.
D,A: Okay.

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Out and About

Guess where I am???

I’m downtown! At a coffee shop! With my laptop!! At 11:00 in the morning! I feel so free and sophisticated. Look at me being a city woman. Woo-eee.

Stop rolling your eyes. From time to time it’s nice to step into a different world. And no snickering in the back row. It’s the sign of a healthy psyche to take pleasure in small things. So there.

How do I come to be downtown on a Wednesday morning? Because Haley is in the city for the summer! Haley is twenty, and with years and years of daycare experience, having pretty much grown up in one. Who better to hire for a half-day a week? (Yes, the parents all know. Lesson learned.)

So Haley shows up at 9:00, and Mary leaves at 9:00:27. Not quite. I do show her where the snacks are (all nicely prepared), what’s on the menu for lunch, and pass on any other info. that might be pertinent. THEN I leave. At 9:01:32.

It’s not so much that I have anywhere to go, though I do intend to use these mornings for doctors and optometrists and bankers and other such mundanities. (New word. Like it? It’s yours!) Mostly I am just enjoying the free- free- free- freedom!!

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