It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Morning, Already?

Normally I’m a morning person. You may have noticed the time stamps on my posts are generally early. It’s when I do my best thinking.

But some mornings? Some, I’m just not quite there. This morning I get up, pull on a skirt and shirt. Button the shirt, starting, as is my habit, in the middle. (Women readers of a certain upper voluptuity will likely recognize this manoeuvre: you start at the breasts so the rest of the shirt falls properly.) Then down to the bottom, then the button or two above the middle where I started. It may seem unnecessarily complicated to you, but I’ve done it this way for about three decades (like, since I got breasts), and it works just fine.

Until today.

“Hey, mum,” says Emma from across the breakfast table, as Arthur, first child to arrive, plays at our feet. “You’re flashing the planet.”

I look down. Seems, in my atypical morning muddle-headedness, I got distracted partway through the proceedings. (Distraction during the rest of the day, well, given that I work with a half-dozen toddlers, could it be otherwise?) I’m buttoned from the middle down, but not from there up, resulting in a generous display of flesh and an indiscreet, though not unappealing, sweep of rose and chocolate lace.

Which would account for Arthur’s dad’s odd behaviour at the door this morning…

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