It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Like Father, Like Daughter (Except I thought the Daughter was the Two-Year-Old)

My parents are arriving at the end of the day.

TallDarkDad parks his station wagon on my side of the street – which, I might add, he shouldn’t do. There is no parking on my side. Dad in his I Have-Money-to-Burn-on-Gas SUV pulls up on the other side. Quiet Mom arrives with her stroller.

I chat with Quiet Mom while TallDarkDad and SUV Dad load their offspring into their cars. I notice that a neighbour is stopped in the street, unable to pass between illegally parked TallDarkDad and the door of Honkin’Big SUV, which is opened on the street side. Now, by rights Illegally Parked Dad should move, but as he’s on the sidewalk side of the car, my neighbour would have to wait till he finished with the carseat. SUV dad, meantime, will only have to shut his side door for a sec. I call across to SUV dad, indicating the waiting car. He nods, the neighbour releases brake – and he goes back to putting his child into the car! Neighbour brakes, hardish.

I am a little astonished by the rudeness. All that was required was for him to swing the door shut for the .62 seconds required for her to pass. “That’s my neighbour, you know!” I call. With a smile, but also with just a teeny bit of an edge in my voice.

He looks up and shrugs. “I was here first.”

Gee. Toddler logic in an “adult” mind. He’ll go far. Any way I can put a 6’3″ man in a time out? He has SO earned it.

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