It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Windows into Family Life

From George:

“He is a aaahs-hole. Darcy, say aaahs-hole.”
Me: ??? Who taught you that word?
G: My daddy.

Mom’s explanation, looking mildly exasperated (this mom does every emotion mildly, far as I can make out): “Dad was talking about a colleague, and sometimes he forgets he’s talking in front of little sponges.” (I suspect dad would be more entertained than made apologetic by this story, hence mom’s exasperation.)

Another one: “I went to Zellers and I bought a present for my father for Father’s Day and it was a video of Jesus Christ Superstar, and I got upset when they put Jesus on the wooden cross, so we watched The Little Tugboat instead.”

I can see it. Mom, Dad, and children gathered around to absorb the profundities of… The Little Tugboat.

From such innocent disclosures do I get a sense of the family politics and power balances of each household!

June 26, 2006 Posted by | George, parents | 6 Comments