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Summer Baby

Here he is, my baby for the summer. Ki-woon is about 15 months old, and yesterday was his first day. It was the best “first day” I’ve seen in, oh, easily five years. A little fretful and sad immediately after dad dropped him off, he rebounded quickly, and with only what I would call the bare minimum of snuggling, he was ready for his day. A lot of kids won’t even accept comfort from the nasty non-mommy who’s keeping him from the Real Thing. Attempts at comfort are met with blows. “Go away! Where is my mother??”

Ki-woon, bless him, cuddled in and snuggled up. After a few minutes, he’d wriggle down and settle into play. Most of the day was spent hunkered down over a toy or a bug or an invisible but fascinating something. The latter half of the day was spent pursuing Baby Nigel, whose response – a rather bemused “What is THIS? Get OFF me!” – didn’t deter him in the least. Nigel is an affectionate sort. He’ll come round.

Stay tuned for further developments. Sometimes the ones who start so smoothly break down at about two weeks, when it becomes evident to them that, “Hey! This keeps HAPPENING! What gives?”

But so far, so good!

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