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The Plight of the 2-year-old

Ki-woon is not, in fact, two. Not even close, a mere sixteen months, but oh, the boy is verbal! When he’s not talking, he’s babbling. His vocabulary includes, “shzz”, “jiss”, “momma”, “dada”, “moe”, “dahn”, “ess”, “no”, “ta-ta”, and “caca”, among many others.

He is tremendously easy-going, preferring to laugh over any other response almost every time.

Yesterday, though, we saw what might be the dawning of toddler negativism. The children were at the coffee shop. Haley approached with a tray of drinks and muffins. Ki-woon, an enthusiastic eater, greeted the approach of the tray with evident delight. Hands started flapping, legs kicking, little grunts puffing from those oh-so-fat cheeks. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Haley smiles down at him. “Heya, Ki-woon! Do you want a muffin?”

“Ah!AH!” Flap, kick, wiggle. “Ah! Ah! NO!”

It’s hard-wired in, I tell ya. The almost-two, the two, they say “no” because they must. Haley, knowing this, is unperturbed by the disconnect between verbal and physical communication. She knows which to believe.

“Oh, good. Here you go!” Hands him a piece of muffin.

It vanishes in seconds.

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