It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Two Things:

1. I have an interview tomorrow evening! So, if you would all keep me in your prayers, or think good thoughts, or cross your fingers, or touch wood or SOMETHING, it would be greatly appreciated!

2. Have you ever indulged in any non-PC, unconventional parenting “techniques”, things you might not tell your friends for fear of raised eyebrows and judgement, and yet you just can’t regret? In fact, you are bursting to tell someone who might understand – and even laugh?!? If you have any nitty-gritty parenting stories to tell, we’re hunting for them over at Partners in Parenting, for our “True Grit” series. Check out the link for the first installment in this semi-regular series (and a few submission guidelines)!

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Clearly, Someone has Omitted to Teach me the Dialect

Upon being presented with a bowl of corn this afternoon, Nigel immediately burst into ferocious tears. How strange. He normally loves corn.

“All done, Nigel! All done.” George yodels from across the dining table.

“No, he isn’t done, George. He can eat his corn. We know he likes it.”

The wails continue.

“All done, Nigel!” George is cheerful, encouraging.

George’s language is usually much more precise than this. “He isn’t all done, George. Do you mean he can get down when he is all done?”

George gives me his patented “Adults are soooo stupid” look. “No, I’m telling him he’s all done now.” Which tells me precisely nothing.

Thankfully, at that moment Nigel’s tears are abruptly halted when he discovers that – hey! – someone put CORN on his tray!! He starts in with two fists.

That evening, when mom comes, Nigel trips over a shoe in the front hall and sits down abruptly on his padded behind. He begins to wail. Nigel’s mother picks him up and instructs in a mock-rueful voice, “Oh, All Done, Nigel. All done.”

Nigel stops crying.


© 2006, Mary P

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