It’s Not All Mary Poppins


One of my outgoing families gave me a gift certificate at a local children’s bookstore. A gift certificate for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!! For BOOKS!!

Did I have fun???

THIS one I’ve had on order forEVER, at this very bookstore. It just happened to come in this very week. So I get it, for free! HA.

This one just seemed like fun. Each page has a section that pulls apart to reveal the animal hinted at by the text. Not great literature, but fun for two and three year olds.

I generally like Leo Lionni, so we grabbed this one.

A couple of Ladybird classic fairy tales, for the traditionalist in me:

This one is busy, but what a fun book! It has a bit to touch, and a bit to sniff on each wild page. Lots of fun for the high-stim kid.

And then, of course, the inestimable Sandra Boynton. Some of these books I already own, but as they’ve been loved just about to death, it was time for replacements:

There were others for which I couldn’t find pictures: a generic book on airplanes, a write-on wipe-off numbers book, and an alphabet book from a board book series I quite enjoy, “My First Canadian…”, and a “Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls”, suitably sturdy. (And yes, I obviously did find a picture but was too lazy to put it in once found. Do you have any idea how MANY links and pictures are in this post already??? Phew.)

While we were at it, Emma chose herself three books: a French-English student dictionary, “In the City of Ember”, and “Ma Soeur orpheline”.


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