It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Catching You Doing it Right: Yay for YOU

Parents of toddlers all experience humiliaphobia (fear of public tantrums) at one time or another. Who hasn’t been mortified by their offspring, at least once or twice, in an indescribably public forum?

* That’s why my first ever Good Parenting Citation goes to Mamacita Tina, for her skillful handling of a potential department store meltdown. It’s hard to keep a cool head when your child is off theirs, but the reward? Well. Imagine the Freedom!

Ian and Laurel are lucky: they’ll never be the kids no one wants to invite to the birthday party. Well done, Tina!

Pour yourself that well-earned drink and kick back and enjoy. You’ve earned it.

(*Like the graphic? The picture is a link to a site where you can buy it as a greeting card. Cute, huh?)
© 2006, Mary P

August 21, 2006 Posted by | commemoration, parenting | 7 Comments