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One Down…

It’s been busy around Mary’s house this week.

I had an interview yesterday that went well (with both mom AND dad, which is unusual). They will let me know “soon”. They’re nice, though momma has a tendency to be a bit Earnest. Happily, Dad is nicely grounded, so I’m sure I could work with them.

Two more calls on my machine, which I will answer today. Feast or famine, I tell you!

And – tadah!! – that interview I had last Wednesday? They signed!

What did it for mom? I made laughing reference to a “junk food nap”. That got me the contract, right then, right there. It’s a Weissbluth term, and doesn’t it turn out she’s a Weissbluth fan. She’s delighted to find someone who will ensure that her baby girl will get the rest she needs.

Me? I’m delighted to have a client who understands the “sleep begets sleep” principle, and won’t be trying, as so many do, to get me to skip naps so that the child will go to bed without a fuss. (This doesn’t work, you know. You DID know that, didn’t you?)

We were also in synch on food, activities, discipline. Her husband is a nice guy, even though he is a lawyer (well, student) and I’ve a healthy leeriness of lawyers. (Some of my daycare colleagues have been put through the mill by lawyers who like the contract when it works in their favour and fight it like crazy when it works for the caregiver.) He will be my first lawyer.

The baby – a girl! – is round and friendly, two very appealing baby traits.

I met mom on Wednesday, and mom and dad came on Friday to sign the contract. Quick, quick turnaround.

Yes! One down, one to go.

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