It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Natural Consequences and Kindliness

“Hey, bud. If you lift that, it will pinch your fingers. It will slide right back and pinch those little fingers.”

My words stop Nigel in his exploration of the sliding dustcover on the piano keys. He turns towards my approach. His dimpled hands hover over the half-revealed keyboard.

Don’t they grow quickly at this age? Back from two weeks holiday and is now tall enough to achieve a long-term goal: push that cover right back. And push he does. I’m now close enough to put actions to words.

“If this cover slides back,” I slide it back, “it will pinch your fingers”, I drop the cover very lightly onto his pudgy fingers. “That will hurt. OW!” I hope that the expression of pain on my face will get the point across without the experience.

Seems not. He’s back at it a couple of minute later. “Hey, Mister. You will get those fingers pinched.” The warning comes from across the room. He drops his hands and trots off. “Come over here and we’ll read this book.”

Five minutes later, the same. Five more, again. Then four, once more.

Three minutes after that, as I change Timmy’s diaper, George’s voice. “Nigel. Nigel, leave it alone or you will hurt yourself!”

The cover has no lock. Short of duct tape, there’s really no way to seal the keyboard shut, and I’m not about to do that to my piano. The boy will either listen, or learn the –

“AAAAAAHHHH!” – hard way. Nigel sucks his fingers. The piano receives an accusing glare.

George beats me to it. “See? What did Mary say? And now you’ve hurted yourself!”

George beats me to the second part, too. “Come here and I will give you a hug and kiss it better.”

Awww… Lots of learning going on around here today.

© 2006, Mary P

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