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Stop! Listen, What’s that Sound?

Do you hear it?

Not the bird chirping, nor the washing machine humming its spin cycle, nor even the whir of the laptop fan.

It’s nap time, and what I’m hearing is…nothing.

Remember my concern over Timmy, who was to start full-time at the beginning of this month? His fretfulness, his lack of resilience, his clingy-ness? My belief that this was sleep-related, and that with some decent sleep under his diaper tabs, he’d cheer up?

Well, I was right.

Yes, I am smiling smugly. I think it’s justified. If I hadn’t been right, I’d be back to banging my head into walls. I was pretty sure then, and I’ve been proven right now, but hoo, man, I’m relieved.

How did we accomplish this? I know you’re all dying to know.

Day One: Timmy arrives, smiling, at 8:20. By 8:40, he’s rubbing his eyes. Up he goes to bed, where he’s bundled, rolled in the flannel blanket. This makes him grin. A wee baby burrito. I sing him a song as he lies swaddled in my arms. He beams up at me. I place him down, pat his back as I sing a second verse, then leave.

He was NOT impressed.

Some experts suggest you stay in the room, others say go in at intervals, still others say cold turkey. Obviously, option one isn’t an option for me: I can’t stay in the room and leave the other children untended. Of the other two choices, I do what seems to work best. I like the idea of reassuring the child of my presence by visits of decreasing frequency, but I’ve learned that this just enrages some kids and makes them cry harder. No kindness in that. Timmy proved to be of the enraged school of response. He liked it when I touched his back and spoke soothingly, but when I left again?

“GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE, WOMAN!!!” And he’s right back to his original outrage.

Okay, then. That nap took 32 minutes. The afternoon nap took 15. Wednesday morning, 6. Wednesday afternoon, 4. Thursday and Friday, a squawk or two as he settled, but then quiet. Today, first day back after a weekend, a bit of regression: 4 minutes this morning, 90 seconds this afternoon.

The rest of the day? He’s smiley, he’s responsive, he’s active. He plays with me, he plays with the others, he plays with the toys, he plays on his own, he tries to play with the cat. He explores, he vocalizes, he puts day-old dust-covered Cheerios in his mouth. (Where is he finding them??)

In short, he is the very picture of a bright and sunny 12-month-old.


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