It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Supercharged with Sweetness

Okay, so you all know I’ve been in the Kidbiz for a couple of decades. While I wouldn’t call myself jaded, it does perhaps take just a little more than standard issue sweetness to provoke an “Awww” reaction from me.

This post got that reaction. All eight times I listened to it. Plus the two more times when I got my kids to listen. (My 17-year-old son broke up smiling all over at exactly the same point I did.)

“Good ni–ight!”


© 2006, Mary P

September 17, 2006 Posted by | the cuteness! | 6 Comments

Radio Show

Guess who’s going to be On the Air next week? Any of you who are interested, check out World Talk Radio on Tuesday, September 19 at 4:00 Eastern Time. Someone out there stumbled over Partners in Parenting, and invited Laura and me to chat. How’s about that?

Or maybe I don’t want you listening in at all. My first step to public acclaim or my most recent opportunity to publicly humiliate myself? I’m a bit conflicted…

© 2006, Mary P

September 17, 2006 Posted by | Partners in Parenting, random and odd | 13 Comments