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Radio Show

A lot a bunch some one of you, asked if I could post the link to the show. I don’t think we’re the, ah, most polished interviewees in the world, but it’s not a bad start!

(The commercial host of the show is, an organization whose mandate is to link children with the best toys and resources for their growth and development.)

You know, if I’m going to branch out into the commercial world, I’ve got to get less self-conscious about giving the plugs. So maybe I should take the parentheses off?

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Seeking Daylight

The third week of September is drawing to a close, and I’m still adjusting. Six weeks ago, I had three three-year-old boys in my home every day, plus a couple younger tots. Now I have an almost-two and a one-year-old. That’s it. In another week I’ll start another one-year old.

Heck, this is practically NOT WORKING!! And as a result of these super-light, super-easy days, my house is now SPOTLESS! And I’ve gotten ahead in my BOOKKEEPING! And all my TAX FILES are PERFECTLY ORGANIZED! AND you can SEE the BASEMENT FLOOR! And I’ve caught up on all those blogs I was so neglecting over the summer.

Well, one of those, anyway. You guess which.

There is a totally different rhythm to my days now. We have Morning Naps around here. AND afternoon naps! Woo-hoo! (Well, the almost-two doesn’t nap in the morning. But he’s very quiet. Doesn’t even say please boo.)

I am beginning to feel just the teensiest bit housebound, though. With all this morning napping going on, our window for outings is awfully small. We’ve had a lot of rain, so I really didn’t notice how constrained I was feeling until yesterday’s glorious sun. I knew I was feeling constrained because this morning I had to wash all those nose prints off the living room window. And they were mine.

Need. To. Get. Out.

But babies need to nap, and I am a self-confessed nap nazi. Not for other people. You want to drag your kid from pillar to post all the time, that’s your call. (Just don’t whine to me that your baby is whining at you all day. You makes your choices, you accepts the consequences.) But for the kids in my care? Naps are top priority, really.

Because babies need their sleep, for their good humour, for their brain development, and, frankly, for my sanity.

Really. Who wants to be holed up with five whining toddlers all day? Not me!

Really. Who wants to hang out with cranky, under-rested babies? Not me!

Really. Not —

Okay. Can someone come and sit on my couch while they have their nap? I’ll let you play with my laptop! Just for twenty minutes, thirty tops, so I can sneak out and have a coffee?


Wait! Someone just sneezed up there. I’m sure he’s waking up. He’s had 45 minutes. Surely that’ll tide him over till after lunch!

Once won’t kill him.


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