It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Marketing Gone Bad

Malli lies on the living room floor, wailing.

“Mine! Mine! My Elmo!”

“Elmo’s in the garbage, honey.”

“My Elmo! Malli take Elmo home!”

“Oh, lovie. Elmo’s all dirty now. You don’t want to take that yukky thing home, do you?”

Stupid question.

“Elmo! Malli take Elmo hoooome!”

I guess I’d been a little hasty when I threw the thing out. I suppose there’s no harm in it. I fish it out, dust it off, put it in a plastic grocery bag.

“Here, Malli. You want to take Elmo home, you can take Elmo home.”

A few moments later, Malli’s mother peers in the bag at the sodden package enclosed there, clicks her tongue and sighs. “It’s Elmo, isn’t it?”

“Yep. She insisted.”

“She’s been fixated for a couple of weeks ago. I’ll sure be glad when we’re through this package.”

Malli’s mummy and I would like to thank the very clever people at Pampers who came up with the idea of putting Elmo on the buttside of their diapers. It’s certainly made our lives much more colourful challenging interesting odiferous loud.

© 2006, Mary P

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