It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Baby Delights

Don’t you just love:

– the way a baby stretches when they’re woken? The bent arms by the scrunched-up face, and the arch of the back that makes their little bottom so round? Particularly effective if the child is wearing a onesie*, and you can see the pudgy thighs beneath the lil round bottom. What is it about that stretch that melts you, every time?

– baby giggles?

– the intensity of focus a 10-month-old requires to bang a spoon on a pot, or clap hands, or wave?

– the way a 12-month-old’s fingertips juuuuust barely touch over the top of their heads? On a good day?

– the smell of a baby, warm and a wee bit sweaty, from a nap?

– baby fingernails the size of a sesame seed?

– baby babbling that almost, but not quite, makes sense?

– toddler dancing? Mini elephants with itchy bottoms on speed. “Don’t dance too close to the CD player, lovie, or it’ll ski- it’ll ski- it’ll sk… Here. Dance over here.”

– teeny tiny toes, viewed from the bottom, tiny pink spheres clinging to the sole.

– anything you’d care to add?

*A term I picked up from American bloggers only in the past year or so, but it’s so cute!

© 2006, Mary P

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