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Plagiarism on an Astonishing Scale

No cute kid stories today. Today we take a stand, and make a call for action!

By now most of you have probably heard of Bitacle, a website that has been plagiarizing bloggers wholesale for I have no idea how long. They take your post – no, usually they take ALL your posts – and put them up surrounded by AdSense ads. Someone is making money off MY work – and I’M not. There is something badly wrong with this.

One blog I read said some 14,000 blogs were affected. (I’ve forgotten where I found that information, or I’d link it.) Kittenpie, Mir, Her Bad Mother, Susan, and a tonne of others have all been robbed. At first I couldn’t find any of my writing there, but I accidentally stumbled over one of my recent posts there this weekend. (Are you there? Go poke around a bit ( – no links for them from me!) and see. I tried searching under the ‘aggregates’ tab, but didn’t find me there, either the URL or the blog name. When I clicked on the ‘blogs’ tab while my blog title was still in the search box, there was my most recent post!) Dorks.

Various people have taken steps to stop Bitacle. This post, for example, is clear, helpful, and informative, and has lots of great STOP STEALING MY STUFF badges you can put on your blog, so people will know when they’re reading stolen words. You can also set your feed to show only a snippet of your blog instead of the whole thing, thus forcing people to come to you if they want to read the rest. Mir is obviously up to something, judging by her most recent “please ignore, testing AntiLeech” post (a temporary post which will probably be gone by the time you read this). AntiLeech, hmm?

The site that gave me the clearest idea of a) the problem and b) how to address it is Plagiarism Today. (Who is also, ironically, being plagiarized by Bitacle.)

Here are two posts which give a clear idea of one way to shut Bitacle down. Because even if there are ways to keep B’s greedy claws out of my posts, they’ll just keep doing it to other unsuspecting bloggers. They have to be put out of commission.

A Plan of Action
Plan of Action, part 2

If you wish to write your own letter, a template for the acceptable format can be found here.

And if you have the skills, here’s a terrific, creative response that I just love to bits. You can indulge in a little revenge while you do your part to shoot down Bitacle. One of us isn’t much, but bloggers by their thousands? We’re a force to be reckoned with.

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