It’s Not All Mary Poppins

More than one Way to Skin that Cat

…which is a horrible expression, BTW…

Problem: Darcy consistently gets pee on his underwear when he uses the toilet. I can’t go upstairs with every child every time they need to pee. I’ve taught him how to manage himself, obviously, but to no avail. What to do?

– Take his underwear off before he goes upstairs!

Problem: three children with runny noses require three sets of tissues. I have only two pockets.

– Put a couple of tissues in each of their hoods. (Hoods are useful for any number of storage needs: extra mittens, teeny bags of fruit, dry socks.)

Problem: Timmy will not eat from his own tray. Although each child has the identical array on their tray, food is much better off Anna’s. Period. I place their trays far enough apart that he can’t reach, and he manages to hitch, hitch, hitch his chair closer to hers! So…

– put his food on one end of Anna’s tray!

Problem: Now Anna’s eating from Timmy’s food that sits on her tray!!

– This is a problem? This is not a problem. This is justice.

October 18, 2006 Posted by | food, individuality, Mischief, parenting | 16 Comments