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Wistful and Wonderful

I’ve been a fan of Lynn Johnston’s comic, For Better or For Worse for twenty years. I’ve watched the children (Michael, Elizabeth, and April) grow up, the parents (Ellie and John) mature from young adulthood to middle age (just like me!). They now have grandchildren. (NOT like me! Because Haley is too young – and old enough to know it. Heh.)

One of many things I love about Lynn Johnson’s work is that it isn’t always funny. Real life happens on this strip, and readers have experienced disappointment, injustice, prejudice, and grief along with the characters. Recently, Ellie’s elderly father has had a stroke, and the family reels to adjust and accommodate and accept. In this strip, the doctor is talking to Ellie’s dad’s wife, Iris. Have a kleenex on hand? If not, go get one.

Sniff. See what I mean? Want to see the rest of the series? The strip above is a link to its original on the website, and you can follow the ‘previous’ links to get to the beginning.

And now, here’s Saturday’s strip (yes, it’s colour; we run colour strips on Saturdays up here):


I love the way Lynn allows these elderly lovers their grace and dignity – and their love. I hope, when I am old, I have someone with me to love me as Iris and Jim love each other. I also hope I have family as caring as the one that supports these people.

Updated to add: At least one reader worried about copyright violation in my reproduction of Lynn’s strips. No worries! I checked out the website, and as long as you provide a link to the FBOFW site and send an email to them with the URL, you’re allowed! No copyright violating on this site. 🙂
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