It’s Not All Mary Poppins


I was thinking of taking the tots to the museum this morning. Only the two of them, after all.

But it’s raining. Still. It’s rained almost every day this month. Moreover, it’s three degrees (celcius – right around freezing). Rain at three degrees is cold. It stings when it hits. It makes the leaves on the sidewalk slick, slippery, semi-frozen deathtraps.

This month has been just like the last month of pregnancy. You know, the month where if it’s not your back it’s your bladder or maybe those damned false labour contractions, and you Just.Can’t.Sleep, and all your oh-so-helpful friends and relations say, “Oh, ho,ho! This is just getting you ready for those sleepless nights after the baby’s born!” (And isn’t it amazing, all things considered, that those friends and relations still live?)

How is THAT supposed to help anyone? I always thought it was the perfect way to get that poor mother to start looking for a bridge to leap from. If there was any justice, you’d sleep like a – HA! As if. If there was any justice, you’d sleep long and well for the six weeks prior to delivery, so as to have some reserves stored up. That would be justice.

But there isn’t any. Justice. Not in last-trimester sleep, nor in pre-winter rain. No justice, nor sleep, nor outings.

I guess I could say this month’s incessant frigid drizzle has been getting me ready for the long, dark, housebound days of winter.

I could. But that would just be depressing.

© 2006, Mary P

October 24, 2006 Posted by | the dark side | 18 Comments