It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Mysteries of Life

“Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!”

Anna is Dissatisfied. Something Must be Done.

“Eh! Eh! Eh!”

Only what exactly is the problem? It’s a lovely sunny day, we’re going for a walk, the sky is blue, the grass is still mostly green, and it’s mild enough that she doesn’t have to wear those Nasty Mittens, nor even Evil Hat!! What more could a little girl want?

Oh! Her kitty has slipped. It’s almost out of her grasp, and baby Anna never goes anywhere without a soft toy. Mystery solved.

“Here you go, baby girl.”

“Eh! Eh, you eh, eh stupid EH, woman EH!” What? I can hear the subtext as well as anyone. Anna’s arms strain towards me, and then, suddenly…

Kitty is forcibly ejected from the stroller!! Can it be? Anna is rejecting a stuffed toy?

Evidently so. Poor kitty lays on the path, forlorn and abandoned.

Malli, who has been walking a bit to the rear of the stroller, draws closer in concern.
“Baby Anna drop a toy! Baby Anna cat onna ground!”

“EH! EEEEEHHHHHH!!!!” Once more, Anna’s arms strain towards…


The mystery is solved. Seems Raggedy Anne has trumped poor Kitty. The solution to the dilemma? Trade seats in the stroller, so Anna faces forward, Timmy faces back. Now, only Timmy can see Malli. Without the temptation of Raggedy Anne, Kitty resumes favour, and all is well.

We love a happy ending.

*Features skillfully (and subtly) concealed so as to preserve anonymity. Anyone out there available for Photoshop tutorials?
© 2006, Mary P

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