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I Join the Ranks of Geekiness

I have never been a geek. Well, if you define geekiness as a love of learning and an addiction to books, I’ve always been a geek, but in my glossary of life (which is of course the one that counts on my blog, those things fall under the rubric of “browner”, aka “brown-noser”.) (Who else but a browner would use the word ‘rubric’?) Geekiness is technological overindulgance, leaning into life through a microchip. I have never, ever been a geek.

Until today. Jen is here. (Woo-hoo!!) Jen is here and we sit at my dining room table with our hers-and-hers laptops, and we are blogging!! Well, I am blogging. She is checking out a blog and simultaneously chatting with her hubbie back home.

This, however, only brings me to the very fringes of geekdom. On its own, our duelling laptops only puts on a show. At heart, I am still a keener, a browner, a teacher’s pet. But I am not a geek.

Well, I wasn’t. Until Jen sent me a gmail chat message. And I ANSWERED HER!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is NOTHING (nothing, I tell you) nooooo-THING! MOOOORE geeky than online chatting with someone who is SITTING RIGHT BESIDE YOU.

I am a Geek.


Thank you, Jen, for being my Very First…

© 2006, Mary P

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Want to read a Wonderful Post? Go now. Take a kleenex.

© 2006, Mary P

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