It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Name that … thing!


I call it a soother, sooss for short.

Z – dummy

Si – diddy

Candace – bink (short for ‘binky’, of course!), while to her son it was a ‘bikki-pooh’.

Kristen, MamacitaTina – paci

Kimmyk – Mammy

LadyM’s Q – pup

Jacqueline – nuk

What about you? Are there still more, different names for that thing?

What do YOU call it?

What do you call it, I asked! Boy, did you tell me. Ask and you shall receive…

Leah calls it a peepka, and wonders if this is adulterated Russian. Anyone likely to know??

Sunshine Scribe‘s is akin to Z, though for her it’s a dummer.

For June’s mother, it’s a fooler, foo-foo for short.

Avalon, like Candace, uses binky. (Well, not personally. Just the word.)

Ms Sisyphus‘s obviously Canadian daughter called hers a susie, while her nephew leans to the American and calls it a passy. (Which is how I’ve assume ‘paci’ is pronounced.)

Mommymatic’s little boy calls it a bah-jee-bye. (Care to explain why, MM?) And I love, love, love her uncle’s explanation that the Icelandic word for it is “snoolth”. Don’t you just LOVE that word?

Crayonz adds her support to binky and paci.

M called it a boppy. (Which has a friendly, happy feel that the everyday ‘pas’ totally lacks, don’t you think??)

Sizzknits knows it as a pappi, anonymous offers bippy and tiddly, and Julia? Julia, she made me laugh out loud when she admitted that when her family doesn’t call it a binky, it’s an


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