It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Good Heavens!

And here I always thought it was words connected with sex that had the most euphemisms!

We’ve got –

my this, nunu, sucker, pats, suckie or soothie, do-do (which ’round here is used to label the stuff the dog leaves behind), pass, plug, eye-yi, foffer, pucky, snoop, Mr.B, titties, baby plug, an ‘uh-oh’, and then, for more international flare, smoczek (or smok for short).

And, if what Mamabear tells us is true, Leah better not be calling it a peepka around any Polish folk!

And if there are more, please don’t tell me! I’m very, very tired of making links…

© 2006, Mary P

November 9, 2006 Posted by | individuality, memes and quizzes, parenting, soothers and pacifiers | 6 Comments