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Thinking Outside the Box

Spoon: a common eating utensil, or item of cutlery, somewhat like a small spade, with a bowl-shaped end on a handle, that occurs in a number of sizes and forms. Its main [purpose is] for conveying food to the mouth…


Well, maybe in some places. Places more civilized than my dining room. So far this lunch time, spoons have been used to:

– spray lasagna across the dining room table
– beat on the table top
– beat against the metal legs of the high chairs – GA-DING-CHINGA-CHINGA-DING!!!
– beat on your friend’s head – AAAAH!
– stir lasagna
– play peek-a-boo
– play “I drop it, you pick it up”
– dip into your friend’s bowl
– conduct an imaginery orchestra
– smear cheese sauce on Anna’s stuffed toy
– propel cheese through the air (off the back of the spoon)
– gag oneself
– knock your bowl off the table
– impale your friend’s bib

Which is why Mary has just declared lasagna to be finger food.

© 2006, Mary P

November 14, 2006 Posted by | eeewww, food, manners | 11 Comments