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Different Kind of Meme

Check out this cool idea! Grab your cameras and capture some street art – then send him the link.

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‘Tis the Season

Our first Christmas card arrives!

“From your friends at PharmaRite.” Emma looks up, puzzled. “We have friends at PharmaRite?”

“Now that we’ve returned our stolen goods, we do.”

“Oh. Did you do that already?”

“I thought you guys did that last night, when you went out.”

“Noooo..” Emma looks guilty. Probably didn’t want the embarrassment.

“Gah.” Oh, well. I can do it. I’ll just make sure I return it to the woman who omitted to scan them – she can see my embarrassment and raise it twofold, poor woman.

“So we have no friends at PharmaRite.”

“Not yet!”

Emma throws the card out.

© 2006, Mary P

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