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Babies Galore Meander Downtown

How long can this lovely mild weather continue? I don’t know, but I’m loving it! While I completely understand – and share! – the concerns about environment change, here in Canada it’s hard not to see a silver lining to this whole global warming thing…

So off we go, following our noses, seeing where they take us. They take us to the path along the canal, where we see “Guck! Guck! Gucks!” (Known more widely as seagulls.) We see “Fuck! Fuck! Fucks!” (Known more politely as trucks.) We see lots and lots of smiling people; more than a few astonished ones; one, a passenger in a passing car who stared and stared as she rounded the corner, who looked nothing other than completely stoned; and one grumpy one. (His mind was filled with something oppressive, poor man. I don’t think he saw us, not really.)

Our noses eventually took us to one of these:

Imagine that!!
Anyone who knows me knows that these are my particular personal vice, and that I believe the best ones in this city by far, are made at a particular Second Cup downtown. How good are they? Well, I will walk six km round trip pushing four toddlers – and passing TWO other Second Cups – just to have one of these. (Yes, I’m a bit compulsive, I confess, but hey, I figure that after all that exertion, I pretty much wear off the calories I ingest. Heart and lungs: check! Fresh air: check! Calories: null and void! A win-win-win!)

The babies drink their juice and eat their plum slices as I sip my chiller. They flirt with other patrons, they wave at pedestrians.

We leave when the local high school kids start pouring in during their lunch break. One young woman holds the door for us as she shrieks to her approaching friends, “Hey! Check this out! Babies galore!”

Babies galore. Maybe I should take that as my business name?

© 2006, Mary P

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