It’s Not All Mary Poppins

The Vocabulary Just Keeps Growing…

…but the focus of interest remains the same.

Nigel climbs up on the bench beside me at the dining table, now a cheerful heap of red, green, white, and glittery craft detritus. Less than a month to Christmas! The aroma wafting from the boy, though, is not at all festive.

“Phew, Nigel. You got a poop in there, buddy?” This would be your classic rhetorical question.

“Gotsa poop!”

“Well, let’s change you then.”

“Gotsa poop! Gotsa big log.”

“Charming. You only say these things to sweep me off my feet, I know.”

“Gotsa big stinky log. Gotsa stinky poo in my die-pee.”

By now I’ve peeled the diaper off the boy, and he’s called it right. He does indeed have the items, just as described. I hold my breathe and do the necessary.

“Mahwee gotsa cween my stinky poo-bum.”

Me: choke, gasp, wheeze.

“I gotsa stinky poo innerre! A big poo.”

“You certainly do, bud.”

“I a big boy, I make big poo. Big, big fee-sees.”

Hello? Anyone out there want to claim that their 22-month-old has ever used that word in a sentence? Destined for big things, this boy. If we could only change the focus of fascination.

© 2006, Mary P

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