It’s Not All Mary Poppins

A Day in the Life…

7:45, Emily arrives, wailing.
Soothe mom, send her to work. Calm baby.
Read her a story.
8:00, Emily down for nap.
8:07, take call from Emily’s mom, who hasn’t calmed down quite as quickly as her daughter. Poor sweetie. (Emily’s mom, I mean. Emily is fine – sleeping like a baby, in fact.)
8:15, Nigel arrives.
8:20, and Timmy. Timmy’s mother warns me that he has a bit of a — Timmy sneezes, sending streams of thick yellow glop shooting onto… his mother’s jacket. I try to twist my face into a smile of sympathy, but I think only manage to get as far as smirk of relief.
8:45, and last but not least, Anna.

9:00, snack for three awake children.
9:15, story time.
9:30, free play, a.k.a. toss babies onto a heap o’toys in livingroom and ignore while I dash about frantically grabbing diaper bag, library book bag, purse, keys, etc. (Both bags packed the night before, I might virtuously add.)
9:40, start dressing tots for outing.
9:45, Emily wakes. Olfactory diaper check. (How much of YOUR day do you spend with your nose in someone’s butt? Not as much as I do, I’ll bet.) She’s fine! Stuff her in snowsuit.
9:50, remove Timmy from his suit to demuck the boy, who is wallowing in mire produced in the three minutes he’s been in the suit.

10:00, start putting tots into stroller.
10:08, Start our walk, drop off books at library (but don’t stop to visit), head to toy store to pick up Christmas presents on order. There is a COOOLD wind coming straight out of the north and into our faces. Timmy, Nigel, and Emily whimper a bit until I adjust their collars and scarves. Anna falls asleep.
10:30, at toy store, Nigel on and on and on about the “daff-un!” “Daff-un! Daff-un!! Daffundaffundaffundaffun, DAAAAFFFF-UNNNN!!” Doll? Monkey? Snakes? Clown? Shovels? Hula hoops? Bubble bath? Finally I see it – how could I have missed that 12-foot-long model suspeded from the ceiling in the stairwell?
“Oooohhh… Shark, hon. That’s not a dolphin, it’s a shark. See all his sharp teeth?”
“Yah. Daff-un!”

11:30, home again. Peel the children out of their suits; tuck mittens into hats, hats into sleeves; boots on tray; suits on named pegs in the entryway. Sit them at the table.
11:45 lunch. (Vegetarian chili and cheese bread with frozen peas as appetizers.)

12:00 singing time. “Free monkeys! Free monkeys! Free monkeeeeeeyssss—NAP!” Nigel demands. I oblige.
The rest of the set list includes:
My father is a garbage man;
If you’re happy and you know it;
I’m a little smelly skunk;
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed;
Five green and speckled frogs.
Then the babies start crawling away. I think singing time is over…

12:20, diaper time.
12:35, story time, all snuggled together on the couch – two in my lap, one on each side. “Bee-bo book! Bee-bo book! Beebobookbeebobookbeebobook, BEE-BO BOOK!” Guess which is Nigel’s favourite? I oblige. (Guess what book he’s getting for Christmas? But don’t tell!) We also hear: I lost my bear; Cloudy; Ruby’s Rainy Day; Leo et Popi, il faut laver Popi; and the perennial FUNNY, funny book, Blue Hat, Green Hat.
12:50, start bedtime.

1:00, all tots down. Minor fusses from Anna, soon soothed, using the work-that-soother technique. Nigel discouraged from singing to his toes. (This highly stimulating pasttime can keep him awake the entire nap-time.)
1:10, everyone sleeping, even Nigel’s unserenaded toes.
1:11, I wash dishes, shovel out under dining table, scrub table, wipe down bibs, do laundry, cut up melons for snack, send a few emails.

2:00, write blog post.

Bet you thought it would be more interesting, huh?

© 2006, Mary P

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