It’s Not All Mary Poppins

George and Darcy

George and Darcy are here! They are so BIG! Darcy has slimmed right out. He’s not a stocky little toddler any more, he is a boy – and a good-looking one at that. George always was on the slender side, so his growth spurt is less dramatic. Two tall, slim boys are in my home. Wow.

Today is a PD (Professional Development) day, meaning the teachers go to school and the kids have the day off. (For recent readers, George and Darcy are ‘old’ daycare kids, now four, and four-and-a-half years old, respectively.) When Nigel’s mother asked if I could take George for the day, I immediately emailed Darcy’s mother. “Want to send Darcy? No charge!”

So far today, we have made stockings, we have made pipecleaner candy canes, and we have made oatmeal raisin cookies. Now the kitchen is filled with the aroma of baking, and the sounds of — any guesses? — a hockey game!!

“OWWW! You hit me in the ankle!” George shakes his foot.
“Now we have to have a penalty.” The boys repair to a chair, where they sit, side by side, their feet dangling. George watches the second hand on the kitchen clock.
“But now there is no hockey game!” Darcy complains.
“Yes, there is. It’s just waiting.”

Hockey lasts until lunch. Macaroni and cheese, with a couple of cups of squash mixed in for rich creamy vegetable goodness. Darcy inhales his first bowlful, then holds up the empty bowl.

“More, please!”
“Darcy, that’s not polite.” George informs him.
“He’s right, Darcy. That’s not polite for a big boy like you. Say the whole sentence, please.”
“May I have some more macaroni, please?”
George claps his hands. “Good job, Darcy!!”

Are they not the sweetest? Oh, and then they sang The 12 Days of Christmas, but that song is enough for another whole post. We’ll string out the George-and-Darcy fun, shall we?

© 2006, Mary P

December 12, 2006 - Posted by | Christmas, manners, parenting


  1. I might be a little tired, or hungry, or it might be a tad early, but I kind of teared up a bit reading a new George & Darcy story. I’ve missed those two.

    Comment by Liz | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  2. oh i cant believe this, i thought of the george and darcy stories this morning and was going to ask you if you ever got to see them!!! I must have picked up your thoughts all the way from here!!! Jenny uk

    Comment by Anonymous | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  3. Yay for George and Darcy! Yay for Mary, too.

    Comment by stefanierj | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  4. Double yay for the double fun of George and Darcy!

    (And the mac & cheese sounds yummy!)

    Looking forward to the 12 Days post.

    Comment by Ms. Huis Herself | December 12, 2006 | Reply


    This makes my DAY!


    Comment by Sassy Student | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  6. Awww, I miss those two. Just the sweetest little monkeys. Tell me, are you having your Christmas party when I will be home?

    Comment by Haley | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  7. Hah! An excuse to have Darcy over. Bet that made your day. 🙂

    Comment by Kat O+ | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  8. more, please!

    oh, i mean…

    may i have some more george and darcy, please?

    Comment by lara | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  9. George and Darcy are quite a pair.

    Comment by MothersKnowBest | December 12, 2006 | Reply


    I so wish I could have met those two.

    Comment by Jenorama | December 12, 2006 | Reply

  11. I’ve missed those boys! Home hockey games – it doesn’t get better than that.

    Comment by Lady M | December 13, 2006 | Reply

  12. You didn’t happen to catch the most adorable 12 days of christmas claymation special on CBC Sunday night, did you? It was brilliant and hilarious. “Creature comforts” is the name of the series it was from, I believe.

    Those boys are precious. 🙂 It’s wonderful that you are building such a community!

    Comment by parodie | December 13, 2006 | Reply

  13. I loved the story, but feel a pang of pity for George and Darcy’s mums, having to work and missing out on the fun. I loved PD days when my children were young enough to think an extra day with me at home was special.

    Comment by Z | December 13, 2006 | Reply

  14. Bah ha ha ha ha! I love it!
    (I used to mix squash into Pumpkinpie’s pasta when she was littler too – I should take it up again.)

    Comment by kittenpie | December 13, 2006 | Reply

  15. Bah ha ha ha ha! I love it!
    (I used to mix squash into Pumpkinpie’s pasta when she was littler too – I should take it up again.)

    Comment by kittenpie | December 13, 2006 | Reply

  16. Yay!!! I thought I had mis-read when I saw their names. How delightful!

    Comment by Kristen | December 13, 2006 | Reply

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