It’s Not All Mary Poppins

He has an Ulterior Motive

“What’s dat?”

Nigel has arrived for the day, and has stopped in the middle of removing his boots to stab a pudgy finger toward the ceiling.

“That’s mistletoe, sweetie. You know what it’s for? It’s for KISSING!!” Nigel receives a stream of boisterous smooches, starting with his chubby cheeks and working down under his soft little chin. He shrieks in delight.

A few minutes later, Adam comes downstairs. “What’s dat?” Nigel points up again, blue eyes wide and innocent.

“It’s mistletoe, bud.” The answer is distracted; Adam is getting ready for school.

“What’s dat??” The tone is more insistent.

Adam’s head comes up and he looks directly upon the tot. “Mistletoe, silly. I told you already.”

“What’s dat??” He doesn’t quite stomp his baby foot, but you can tell he’s on the verge.

“Mistletoe. You know why it’s there?” As Adam starts to swoop, Nigel’s face lights up. Adam picks him up and deposits a loud, squeaking cartoon kiss on the top of his head. Nigel squeals his approval. Adam gives me a hug, then heads out the door.

Emily’s mom comes throught the door.

“What’s dat?”

That mistletoe has never gotten such mileage before! Little Mr. “What’s dat?” must have received upwards of 27 rambunctious smooches yesterday. And he’s not the only one who takes advantage of the thing in this house.


Merry Christmas!

© 2006, Mary P

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