It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Oh, Tannenbaum, Babies

My tree is up.

Most of you know how challenging it can be to keep ONE tot away from a tree. Imagine keeping five away. Not to fear. I am Experienced, and I am Creative. In previous years, the tree has been:

– wired to the ceiling
– placed inside a playpen
– set upon a table and wired to it
– placed behind a baby gate
– set up undecorated
– decorated only with unbreakable ornaments
– wired with cattle wire. (KIDDING)
– skipped altogether

Not once in my eleven or twelve or so years in this biz have I ever, ever had gifts under that tree until ninety seconds after working hours of the last day before Christmas.

Until this year.

My tree is up. It is also fully decorated – though it seems to me the cranberry-bead garlands were a little more symmetrical this time yesterday.There are two two-year-olds and three one-year-olds in this house.

There are also PRESENTS underneath it. The presents are untouched. Reckless, you say? It seems that way, I know, but really, all risks are calculated, this amazing circumstance accomplished in stages. Cautious, incredulous stages.

Monday: put up the tree, sans ornaments on the bottom half.
(The tots don’t touch the tree!)
Tuesday: place ornaments on the bottom half.
(The tots don’t touch the ornaments!!)
Wednesday: place gifts under the tree.
(The tots don’t touch the gifts. At all!!!)
Thursday: I take pictures for proof, because who would believe it otherwise?

This cannot be attributed wholly to me and my amazing way with kids. These are a GREAT bunch of kids. An astounding bunch of kids. Kids who – I can scarce believe it myself – look but don’t touch.

This is my true Christmas Miracle.

© 2006, Mary P

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