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All Creatures Great and Small

Too cold for the park today; we’ve been to the library already this week, so it’s the coffee shop! One baby on my lap, two in high chairs, Nigel in a big-people chair all by himself, because he is a Big Boy. One latte, four waters, three bananas, and 25 minutes later, we leave. The woman at the next table, a rather severe woman in a very tailored suit, who had greeted our arrival with a dubious stare over the screen of her laptop, was smiling and cooing at the babies by the time we left. When I began stuffing small hands into mittens, she gave a coo of disappointment.

“Oh, are you leaving so soon?”

A good morning’s outing.

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For some light-hearted reading, one of my long-time favourites is James Herriot, author of a series of wonderful, semi-autobiographical books about his life as a veterinarian in the north of England in the thirties and forties. Mostly laugh out loud stories, some that will raise a lump in your throat, I’ve read and reread these books countless times – and then read them to my children. The chapters make great bedtime reading for children six and up, I find. Great stuff!

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