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– Some of you asked what method Anna’s parents used. Turns out “The Ring Cycle” method is modified CIO. They’d go in to soothe, but not pick her up. Last night (day 5) she slept from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. This from six nights ago, in which she woke every ten minutes for hours at a stretch.

– Winter has arrived! After weeks of surreal-ly warm temperatures and no snow, it is currently -25C, with mounds of snow along the sidewalks. All this happened in one big dump o’snow a few days back.

– Nigel (age 23 months) keeps telling me when he’s pooping. Time to start toilet training? Early for a boy, but he’s showing the signs, so I may give it a go. Given the dynamic that exists between him and his parents – the same one that exists with older brother and parents – I think I’ll start the process here first. (With older brother, after much parental struggling, we decided they’d just put him in diapers at home while I continued with the training. When he’d come far enough along that he was competant, and proud of his competancy, they could start at home. By then he’d be out of the Potty Power Struggle, and be wanting to show off his skills at home, we figured. We were right.) I may try Nigel next week, see if there’s any likelihood of success.

– Books! I’ve forgotten all about books! For days! Okay, here’s a favourite, from when Haley was a tot. It’s by Deborah King.

The illustrations are gorgeous, done in watercolour and pencil crayon. The text is sparse and evocative. The whole book is luscious. I’ve read it countless times; I’ll read it countless more. Just lovely!

“I am a little grey cat called Cloudy.

I am the colour of thunder and rain.”


Aren’t they pretty? My pictures aren’t the best, but I hope they give the impression.


Yes, I know only the third thumbnail pops up to full-size. This is Mary getting used to WordPress. I could also fix it, but this is Mary being lazy.

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