It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Hands are for…?

If you’ve been reading long enough, you know the answer.

Wrong answers include: hitting, pinching, pushing, grabbing, and shoving, all things my compatriots at work are distinctly inclined to do. (Bearing in mind they’re all under three feet and three years old.)

When working with such folk, a good response to bad behaviour is to give them a good alternative. (Learned that in teacher’s college. “Don’t tell them what you DON’T want them to do; tell them what you WANT them to do.” Works for kids of all ages.) For toddler attacks of the manual variety, my preferred alternative is,

“Hands are not for [insert inappropriate action here], hands are for hugging!” And then we all engage in hugs of various groups of tots and grownups. Much, much more fun!

Knowing this, one of my parents sent me this today:

Sure to make you smile.


January 31, 2007 Posted by | individuality, manners, parenting, the cuteness! | 18 Comments