It’s Not All Mary Poppins

That Today Show thing…

Yes, I saw the clip.

My thought: I cannot believe two (reputedly) intelligent, professional women were actually asking those questions with a straight face. I cannot believe it.

Do we seriously believe that one drink means drunkenness is just around the corner?

Do we seriously believe that one drink impairs your ability to care for children?

Do we seriously believe that this issue only applies to women? Why were no dads brought into this discussion?

How can this be taken seriously? Weren’t those women (not you, Melissa!) embarrassed by themselves? If not, why not?

It’s so ridiculous, it would be farcical if it weren’t for the fact that people ARE taking this seriously. That’s the scary part.

People are taking this seriously.

There’s a rising neo-puritanism in the states that is a scary, scary thing. We may not put our women in burkhas, we may not arrange marriages for them or deny them education, we may not put them in purdah, but —

Oh! But wait! That “purdah” thing. I think they may have something there… At least for Mothers. Because we revere Mothers, see. A Mother is a creature apart. She has no needs of her own. She has no aspirations beyond the needs of her children. She has no rights, not once a child enters the room.

So, yeah. Let’s keep women in a particular social spot, let’s tell them how they can behave, where they may breastfeed their children, whether they may work, whether they can drink. Because Motherhood is sacred. We can’t let it be profaned. How do you like it up there on your Purdah Pedastal, mommy?

Whether you drink or not, whether you work outside the home or not, whether you are married or not, if you are a woman in the states with children, this social trend should be very, very worrying.

Because neo-puritans are out there, and they want you.

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