It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Small Mystery of Life

“Here, May-wee. Gots batgahwees.”

“So I see. Where did you get the batteries, Nigel?”

“Gots batgahwees!”

“But where did they come from?”

“One-two-free batgawees!”

“Yes. I have one, two batteries. Did you find them on the floor?”

“Batgawees! Inna hand!”

“Yes, you put these batteries in my hand, didn’t you, lovie? And I guess I’ll never find out where they came from.”

Adam appears in the door.

“Hey, mom. Any idea why my calculator was under the dining room table?”

“Oh, I think maybe. Where was it supposed to be?”

“In my backpack.”

“Which was where?”

“In the front hall.”

“And where’s it supposed to be?”

“In my room. But, mom, I laid it down so the zips were all underneath and the frame was on top! The babies would have had to turn it over!!

I take his point. In that backpack, we have a calculus text (approx. 12 pounds), a chemistry text (10), biology (8), and English literature (8), plus assorted binders and educational paraphenalia. Shifting that thing when you weigh no more than 20 pounds yourself, would be no mean feat.

We check the front hall. Against all probability, the backpack lies belly-up. Having already learned the futility of trying to weasel information out of Nigel, I simply do the maternal and use this incident to remind Adam why his backpack is to proceed directly to his room after school. Adam, however, is curious, and decides (naively) to get to the bottom of this.

“Hey, Nigel. Did you open my backpack?”


“Yes, my backpack. Did you open it?”

“Open-a pack-pack!”

“Did you turn it over?”

“Turn-a pack-pack!”

“It’s a heavy backpack. How did you turn it over?”

“Pack-pack! Turn-a heavy pack-pack ovah!”

“Yes. DID you turn it over?”

“Pack-pack! Turn it over?”

“Hey, mom? Mom? Is he dodging the question, or does he just not get it?”

Yeah. The $64,000 question.

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