It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Risk-Averse Parenting

We live in a risk-phobic society. Parents are particularly risk-phobic. It’s become part of ‘responsible parenting’ to bubble-wrap our children, to shield them from every possibility of harm. I’ve written before about how misguided this is. A little risk is a necessary thing, a good thing.

In my previous post on the subject, I suggested that protecting our children too rigourously against all physical harm creates children who are at greater risk of that harm. If they never experience risk, if they never take a fall in any sense, they will never learn to evaluate risks and take them wisely as adults. Shit happens. We have to prepare our kids to deal with it.

But here’s something I hadn’t considered before. In an interesting take on the subject, The Onion, in its unsurpassed satiric way, suggests that the risk-phobia which passes for good parenting on this continent robs children of something else – something essential to childhood. Go have a look!

Good stuff.

March 6, 2007 Posted by | controversy, parenting | 12 Comments