It’s Not All Mary Poppins

Anna’s Apple

greenapple.gif“Ap-puw! Ap-puwww!”

Anna holds a shiny green apple aloft. Her little round face shines with pleasure.

“Ap-puw! Ap-puww!”

“Thunk. The apple hits the floor and rolls away.

“Ap-puw!” Anna chortles as she trundles after it.

“Where did she find that thing, anyway?” I ask my sweetie, who shakes his head at the mystery of it all. “She doesn’t appear to have realized she can E-A-T it, either.”

“No, she doesn’t. Not that it’s preventing her from really enjoying it.” He’s right about that. Anna is in chortling possession of the apple again. She takes an exploratory lick. And another, just tracing the thing with her tongue. It sparkles a bit.


She flares her lips against it and rubs her face to and fro. It’s now shinier than ever, slick with a glistening mix of snot’n’saliva.

“I think we’ll just let her take it home with her, don’t you?”

“Yes. She’s having so much fun with it after all.”

“Be a shame to deprive her.”

“But I think I’ll warn her parents that it’s not really edible any more.”

“You might want to do that, yes.

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